A house

that works for you

Patch is the way to make all your devices speak to each other privately.

Using Voice to Make Technology Disappear

Build a smart home that responds to all requests, from the door lock to the delivery house.

Personalize your voice assistant

Just say the word and we’ll help you stay in sync from one system to another during your day.

Over the last few decades, we have had to make a constant effort to understand how the machines around us work. We feel saturated now.

But what if we could use AI to make machines communicate like humans, using natural language? Perhaps then we could just ask them what we want, making the technology so intuitive that it just disappears in the background.



Weather info


A clock

Google Assistant

Voice Messaging

Characteristics of the platform

At Patch, we believe in privacy right from the design stage.

Ready to use the voice to make technology disappear

Patch is a screen for humans and a platform for intuitive technology.

That allows you to control your space and understand the world.